Exporting and Importing PS Security


It is actually pretty easy to export and import the security from PeopleSoft. There are datamover scripts that are given to. They are located in the PS_HOME PeopleSoft installation directory.

PS datamover scripts

You do have to realize that this export script simply exports all of the security. You can’t really pick and choose. But it is great for backups and even for server refreshes.

Exporting – Step 1

To export security, simply login to DataMover.

Login to DataMover

Exporting – Step 2

Go to File > Open.

DataMover - File Open

Exporting – Step 3

Select your securityexport.dms script.


Exporting – Step 4

You have to set the export location for both the .DAT file and the log file.

PS export

Exporting – Step 5

Then you simply hit the Run Script button or F5.



To import, the steps are exactly the same, except you open the securityimport.dms file and point it to the path of your export file.

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  • irene be

    Hello, just a further question of Security Data Mover. Will this script show me what security each role has? And which employee is associated to which role?