Export Mailbox to PST with Powershell from Exchange 2007

Ever need to export a PST from your Exchange 2007 server? We needed to when it came to migrating to Office 365. There are always times you need backups and so this was a fast way to export PSTs. Please note, if you are running Exchange 2007 on a 64bit server, you will have to connect with a 32bit machine. Unfortunately the export tool is only supported by the 32bit Exchange Management tools.

Export PSTs

You can download the 32bit Exchange Management tools here for free without needing the Exchange 2007 32bit ISO. 32bit Exchange Management tools

Step 1

Launch the Exchange Management Shell.


Step 2

Run the following command.

[vb]Export-Mailbox –Identity <mailboxUser> -PSTFolderPath <pathToSavePST>[/vb]

Depending on how big the mailbox is, it could take a few hours to run.

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