Excel 2010 Sort by Unique Records Only

In Microsoft Excel 2010, it is very easy to sort a column by unique records only.

Sort a column by unique records only in Excel 2010

Here are the steps:

Step 1

You will need to make a column header. In my example, I simply typed “Header”, in cell A1.

Excel 2010 - Column Header

Step 2

Click on the column you want to sort, in my example I clicked on Column A.

Excel 2010 - Column Sort

Step 3

Click on the Data Tab and then click “Advanced”.

Excel 2010 - Data Advanced

Step 4

Check the box that says, “Unique Records Only.”

Excel 2010 - Unique Records Only

Congrats, your column is now sorted by only unique records.

Excel 2010 - Sorted Column

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