Error opening… Access Denied.

Kept getting this error with Adobe Reader X. I would launch a PDF and it says “There was an error opening this document. Access denied.”

There was an error opening this document

Follow the steps below to fix this.

Adobe Reader X Error Opening

Step 1

Launch Adobe Reader X, go to Edit and then to Preferences.

Adobe Reader X Preferences

Step 2

Click on General, and uncheck the box “Enable Protected Mode at startup”. You will then get a popup window in which you will need to click Yes.

Adobe Reader X Startup Mode

Step 3

Close Adobe Reader X, and now try opening up a PDF document. It should now open just fine without that error coming up.

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  • Ananda

    Same problem

  • jogeshsahoo

    having the same problem after doing the same as above.

  • I am Having the same problem and i don’t have the enable prtected mode at start up….any other sugestions??