Error 927 Play Store – How to Fix

While PCs are generally more complicated and thus more prone all sorts of errors and crashes, the mobile environment is not without its problems.

One of the most common issues encountered on Android is Error 927, which usually occurs while attempting to download or update applications from the Google Play Store.

If you’ve encountered this problem, you might find the tips listed below helpful and effective in solving it. Also, the methods listed here may also be used to solve other issues related to the Android market.

And while there isn’t any one particular fix which works every time, we’re listing several so you have a few options to choose from – at least one is bound to work for you!

How to fix Error 927 in the Google Play Store

google-play-icon-closeup-error 927

Solution #1:

1| Go to Settings -> All and from there select Google Play Store.

2| Stop the Play Store app by tapping the Force Stop button. Additionally, Clear Data and Cache Files by selecting the clear option listed below.

3| After following the steps listed above, try once again to download or to update from the Play Store the applications you were having trouble with earlier.

4| If the issue isn’t fixed yet, also try to uninstall the Google Play Store updated version. To do that, go to Settings -> All -> Google Play Store -> Uninstall updates.

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Solution #2:

1| Try to login from a different Gmail account. To do this, go to System Settings -> Accounts -> Google -> Remove your Gmail accounts.

2| Once again Force Stop the Play Store app and then clear data and cache files (if you haven’t already, see Solution #1 on how to do that).

3| Go to account settings and then add a new Gmail account.

4| Once again try to download the app you were having trouble with from the Google Play Store.

Solution #3:

Because we very rarely download anything big enough to actually put a real dent into our mobile device’s memory, it’s easy to forget that the available space is limited.

If this is what’s causing the issue in your case, all you have to do is check your phone memory and clear up some space (uninstall an app you no longer use, some photos you’ve uploaded or transferred somewhere else, or a song you’re tired of).

After doing this, try downloading the application again from the Google Play Store.

We hope you found these simple tips helpful in trying to solve or get around Error 927 in Android. If one didn’t work for you the first time, or it worked and then the error reappeared, it would probably be a good idea to try the others too.

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It’s also quite possible that these fixes work for other Android errors, so feel free to follow the steps in other cases as well.

If you’ve followed the steps we’ve outlined here and thus managed to fix the error, let us know in the comments!

Also, if you’ve tried anything else that worked, share the information with us and everyone here by posting it down in the comments – it’s always interesting to hear about new solutions from the community.