Easy Way to Reduce Eye Strain While Using Your Computer

If you’re like me you probably stay up late at night working (or playing) away on the computer. The later and darker it gets the brighter your monitor can seem and this can put a strain on your eyes. Not to mention that it keeps you awake longer when you’ve basically got a lamp shining into your eyes.

Here’s a simple way to reduce eye strain. I use a program called f.lux which basically gradually reduces the brightness of your monitor as the day progresses. The program is completely free which is a huge bonus 🙂

Step 1

Download f.lux here and install.

Step 2

Launch f.lux and set your location.


That’s it!

It helps a LOT especially at night. You can also adjust whether you want it to dim down right away or gradually. I prefer to do it gradually because you don’t notice it as much. If you’re working in a program that requires your monitor be bright (design work, etc) so you can see all the colors properly you can always right click it and “disable for an hour”.

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