Droid not syncing with Exchange 2010


I have been having issues with my Droid off and on since our Exchange 2010 upgrade, and the upgrade of Android from 2.1 to 2.2. The best solution I have found is shaftys023′s modified email.apk file. Seems to work on both stock 2.2 Droid phones and rooted Droid phones.
Here are instructions for installing it…

Step 1

Download shaftys023 modified email.apk file here.
You will have to register at the forum to download it (its free and fast). I didn’t want to host it/steal it :)

Step 2

On your DROID, pull down the menu at top and “select to copy files to/from your computer.” (hook your phone up to PC)

Step 3

Copy over the downloaded email.apk file to a directory on your phone.

Step 4

Install ASTRO manager (file manager). This is free in the marketplace, just search ASTRO.

Step 5

Launch ASTRO, browse to your email.apk file, click on it, select “app manager” and then click “upgrade.” (this will overwrite your current email.apk)

Step 6

Setup your exchange 2010 account and enjoy!
Launch ASTRO manager

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  • vishalj

    when i clicked on upgrade, screen appeared “this is a system application do u still want to replace it:” i clicked on ok, then it says u want to install it, i clicked yes, then the error came application not installed.

    Pls revert with the positive reply.