Droid – Microsoft Outlook Sync with GMAIL

The first thing I want to say is that I simply love my new Droid phone. In fact, it probably is the coolest electronic device I have ever owned. Verizon Wireless has the best service and now they have the best phone! I really think this phone is going to help boost their ratings and customers.

Droid with Microsoft Outlook

This is assuming you are already using Microsoft Outlook 2007 for everything.
The first thing I tried with the Droid was syncing my personal IMAP account with the device. Then I realized that wasn’t going to sync my contacts, calendar, etc.
So I removed the IMAP account and then tried syncing my Microsoft Exchange account. This worked great and pulled contacts down, calendar items (buggy), and emails. But then I realized there were still nice little features missing. Because it is Google OS obviously they are wanting you to use Gmail (their product).

So I decided to give the Google Apps a test trial run, accompanied by Google App Sync. And let me just say, it is amazing!!!!

Functions working:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 is syncing flawlessly with my DROID
    (Email, Email folders, Contacts, Calendar Items)
  • Using my own business email account ( for all gmail functions (requires changing MX records over to GMAIL). Not using for anything. This means that all masking of email is fixed.
  • A plus with using GMAIL as app on the DROID over standard email client is that I can now use an email signature from the phone, such as (Sent from my DROID).
  • The Google App Sync will export and import automatically all of your current Outlook information into your newly hosted GMAIL email account. Basically it asks you for Outlook Profile to use for your new account and then it takes a couple minutes and migrates all your data over. No manual migration necessary.
  • Another plus with using GMAIL app on DROID is that my emails are now stacked in conversations, like they are in GMAIL web client. Saves space on DROID for viewing.
  • Everything just seems to work faster and better when going through Google Apps. Also calendar is not buggy anymore.
  • Ability to see all my folders/cabinet and then be able to move emails to them when I receive them on my DROID. Your Outlook folders are converted into “LABELS” on your DROID. They still work the same as folders, but are just called something different. All changes sync to my Microsoft Outlook 2007 and to online Gmail.
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The Google APPs costs $50 per user per year but it is worth every penny for me. My entire Microsoft Outlook 2007 is now syncing flawlessly with my DROID, very fast, with all the functions and features of GMAIL but without the GMAIL branding. You definitely want to give it a try. 30 day trial is free and they don’t bill you for first 30 days.

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  • jeff Folger

    Problem is I want it to work with outlook 2010 like is supposed to and on my home version with my home mail… I don’t have a business environment to have them charge me $50 a year on anything… They are real good at getting money out of us and then you have no way to shut them down except by cancelling the credit card… Google is not on my fan list.

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  • TechPorVida

    Currently with a Blackberry I can search the Outlook folders. Is this possible with a Droid using the Google app?