Disable TypeAhead Feature for Everyone

In certain PeopleSoft versions of PeopleTools, the TypeAhead feature simply doesn’t work very well. It causes weird behavior, such as the mouse cursor disappearing and refresh problems.

Disable TypeAhead Feature

Below are instructions on disabling the TypeAhead feature for everyone.

Step 1

Login to PIA and browse to Main Menu > PeopleTools > Personalization > Personalization Options.

PeopleSoft Personalization Options

Step 2

Click on the Format tab.

Personalization Options Format

Step 3

Browse to the second page or results, scan down and find the TYPEAHD field and click on the Set Option Default Value.

Set Option Default Value

Step 4

From the dropdown box select No and click OK.

TypeAhead No

Step 5

Now scroll down and click on the Save button. And your finished!

Save TypeAhead No

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  • Riza

    what if the user doesn’t have access to this page? do you have any other solution to disable the type ahead? thanks in advance..

    • It can also be globally disabled by an administrator by going to Main Menu > PeopleTools > Personalization Options… then go to the Format Tab and change the default value for TYPEAHD to No. Hopefully that helps!

  • Roger

    Is this controllable by User within their own Id’s (vs Custom on record) or only as a global change across all Users (the auto-complete is slowing down and causing buffer entry delays for our heads-down data entry users)
    Any ideas?