Digital Technograph: A shift in technography

Digital Technograph

With technologies getting smarter and redefining our lives, the digital tachograph has successfully replaced the analogue tachograph, and it has become mandatory by the European Union regulation. So get equipped with latest technologies in tachograph from assistance from one of the renowned companies, OPTAC to get the best.

The System and Works

You can differentiate the tachograph system into three parts, a sender unit which is mounted on the gearbox of the vehicle, the tachnograph head and a digital driver card. The output shaft-turns generate electronic pulses in the sender unit, which is transmitted to the head which interprets them and displays them as speed data. Since both, the sender and the receiver are electronically paired and the data encrypted, it disallows tampering or replicating of the pulse signals in the intermediate wirings.
There are choice modes as well which keeps the records of driver’s activity. When in motion the drive mode is automatically activated, and when the vehicle is at idle, it shifts to the default mode of ‘other work’. The driver selects to ‘rest’ or ‘availability’ mode when the vehicle is stationary. It is pertinent that the driver keeps a record of these data, and he should be able to provide it to the transport authorities on demand, as they also define the working hours of the driver.

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Digital Cards

The digital card is a data base of the driver’s driving information. The transport operators use the company’s card to retrieve data information about their employees from the tachograph head. Which can be locked, thus prohibiting other operators from obtaining it, but they can be overridden by control cards used by law enforcement agencies to retrieve data from the tachograph head. Then there are workshop cards, which are used for calibrating tachnographs, and it is for the use authorized tachograph technicians.

Data Storage

The tachnograph head’s internal memory stores all the activity data, and is simultaneously transferred to the flash memory chip embedded in the digital driver card when it is inserted into the head. The digital driver card is the one which is issued by the driving authority of the country to an individual driver. The memory bank ensures data integrity as it designed to prevent altering and deleting of data. When the memory is full the oldest data recorded is replaced by the new inputs.
The digital tachograph system has the advantages as it can be analyzed by computers and infringements identified. Information is explicitly read and more accurate.

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