Creating hCard with microformats

Below is a great example of code if you want to create an hCard for your about me page. They look great and the click rate is actually higher than most people think.

<div class="vcard">
     <a class="url fn n" href="http://brianleejackson.com">
          <span class="given-name">Brian</span>
          <span class="additional-name”>Lee</span>
          <span class="family-name">Jackson</span>
     <div class="org">Brianleejackson.com</div>
     <div class="title">Interactive Designer & Developer</div>
     <div class="adr">
          <div class="street-address">201 SW 1st St., Sittner Hall #243</div>
          <span class="locality">College Place</span>
          <span class="region">WA</span>
          <span class="postal-code">99324</span>
          <span class="country-name">USA</span>

     <div class="tel">
          <span class="type">Cell</span>
          <span class="value">360.624.5393</span>
<div class="vcard_download"><a href="http://technorati.com/contact/http://brianleejackson.com/aboutme.html" title="Download vCard with contact information">Download vCard</a></div>

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