Creating a SQL view/record for PSQuery

Have you every been annoyed by creating a query in PIA, using PSQuery? The easier way to do it is to create a new record, turn that into a view, and then query the record in PSQuery. Instructions are below.

PSQuery – View

Step 1

Open up app designer and create a new record.

Step 2

Insert at least one record field, and hit save. (make sure the number of records match the number of columns in your select statement)

Step 3

Then under record type, select SQL view.

Step 4

Then input your SQL code under the SQL editor section. (make sure not to have a semicolon at the end of your query)

Step 5

Make a primary key. (double click > and select key, search key, and list box item)

Step 6

Then go to build > current definition.

Step 7

Select “Create views” and then select “Execute SQL now”.

Step 8

Then hit Build.

Step 9

Then add the record to the query access manager tree in PIA.

Step 10

Then you can select from the record/view in PSQuery.

Hope that helps!

  • EricShi

    Screenshots weren’t displayed??

    • Sorry I didn’t have time when I wrote this to grab screenshots.. Hopefully I explained it well enough that you can at least figure it out. I no longer have access to Oracle/Peoplesoft related items at my new job, otherwise I would gladly go take some screenshots for you 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck, PeopleSoft is always fun *cough *cough.