Configure MMC Snap-ins on Fresh Windows 7 Install

This is a tutorial on configuring the Microsoft Management Console from scratch after a fresh install of Windows 7. This includes setting up the Active Directory user and computers, Group Policy Management, and Exchange snap-ins.

MMC Snap-ins

Step 1

Make sure you have updated Windows 7 to SP1. You will need to first grab the Remote Server Administration Tools available here:

Windows 7×86 – RSAT Tools
Windows 7×64 – RSAT Tools

Step 2

You will be prompted if you want to install the following update: KB958830. Click Yes.


Step 3

After that has finished installing you will need to turn on the windows feature “AD DS Snap-ins and Command-line Tools”. In the start menu, type “Turn Windows features on or off” and click into it.


Step 4

Select “Remote Server Administration Tools > Role Administration Tools > AD DS Tools > AD DS Snap-ins and Command-line Tools.”


Step 5

To enable Group Policy management, you will want to also turn on “Remote Server Administration Tools > Feature Administration Tools > Group Policy Management Tools.”


Step 6

Since we are in here, we are going to enable the IIS 6 features for Exchange later in the process. So you will also want to turn on the following two:

Internet Information Services > Web Management Tools > IIS 6 Management Compatibility > IIS 6 Management Console
Internet Information Services > Web Management Tools > IIS 6 Management Compatibility > IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility


Step 7

Now to install the Exchange portion (same instructions for Exchange 2007 and 2010). First you will need to run the Exchange 2010 Installer. In my example I am using Pismo to quick mount the ISO. Right click and say “quick mount.” (You could also extract the ISO to a folder)


Step 8

Run the Exchange 2010 Setup.


Step 9

If prompted for languages, simply select Only on the DVD. Then click on “Step 4: Install Microsoft Exchange.”


Step 10

Click Next passed the first couple screens and leave the defaults. Then choose “Custom Exchange Server Installation.”


Step 11

On the next page, select “Management Tools” and click Next.


Step 12

Now its time to launch the Microsoft Management Console and add the snap-ins. Go to the start menu, type MMC and hit enter.


Step 13

Go to File > Add/Remove Snap-in… or Ctrl+M


Step 14

Add the following snap-ins:

Active Directory Users and Computers
Microsoft Exchange
Group Policy Management


Press OK and you should now be all setup and ready to manage your Active Directory and Exchange environment. Enjoy!