Check Username Availability at Social Networking Sites

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Social Networking Sites

Ever helping someone promote a business, or perhaps you are starting a new brand name and want to check all the available social media usernames? There is a website that has been offering this service, free, for over 3 years. It is called NameChk. A lot of people we chat with don’t even know it exists.

Visit, type in the name of a person/brand/business that you are checking on, and view what is still available. It also shows you the domain names that are available.

They also released an app for your iPhone and iPad earlier this year. View NameChk mobile app.


Now you can check out available names while you have that brainstorming session in Starbucks!

There is also another service called Claimbrand which a user let us know about. It also is great for checking social networking names.


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  • Mark DeWitt

    hey is great tool with more sites to check on.
    any way thanks.

    • Brian Jackson

      Thanks! I had never seen this site before. Love their website design. I added it to the post as a place to check.