The Cheapest Stock Photo Site (My DepositPhotos Review)

I run various websites and online businesses and am constantly in need of stock photos. I’ve looked around everywhere for the cheapest stock photo site and now I get the majority of my stock photos from The images start at $1 for the smallest ones (usually sufficient for my needs) and they have generous monthly subscription plans if you need a lot of images frequently.

Most other sites seem to have much higher fees on both a per image and subscription basis. I recently got a daily subscription plan and have been very happy. I can download 10 images / day of any size and up to 300 per month for just $99/month. That comes out to 33 cents / image. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything cheaper that can give you as many quality images.

Is the Best Stock Photo Site?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying DepositPhotos is the best stock photo site. However, I would say that they are the best as far as value goes. They have a huge selection of quality images at the best price. There are very few instances in which I can’t find the photo I am looking for. Having said that, you might find more images on other but more expensive sites.

I’ve found DepositPhotos to be a good value – they are cheaper than almost every stock photo site out there while having a huge database with high quality images. You might find a cheaper (or free) alternative but I can pretty much guarantee you they won’t have the same quality or volume of images.

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DepositPhotos Credits vs. Plans: Which Should You Buy?

That really depends on how many images you need. If you only need a few images every so often then you’re probably better off just buying 30 or 50 credits. If you are in need of more images then you should definitely consider one of the subscription plans.

My recommendation would be to go with one of their daily subscription plans.


They allow you to download anywhere from 5 images / day up to 200 images / day depending on your needs. I’m currently on the 10 images / day at $99/month plan and couldn’t be happier.


If you’re looking for stock photos, DepositPhotos provides a great value. With the large selection of images you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for. The price per image starts at $1 but can go as low $0.15 / image depending on the plan you choose. All in all, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better stock photo site.