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Guild Wars 2

One of the bigger requests over on the Guild Wars 2 forums has been a FOV (Field of View) fix of some sort, specifically for those with widescreen monitors. ArenaNet have been working on some changes and have posted a beta version of their FOV change for players to try. Currently, there is no slider or on/off switch, but if you have been aching to see more of Tyria on those 1920×1080 pixels, check out what they are working on! I do have to say after enabling the greater FOV, I don’t plan on going back.


1) Create a shortcut to your GW2 client (right-click -> “Create Shortcut”)

2) Right-click the GW2 client shortcut

3) Click “Properties”

4) Locate text field labeled “Target.”
It should contain the file path of your shortcut, and will look something like this:C:\Games\Gw2\Gw2.exe

5) Type -testVerticalFov at the end of the Target line
Be sure to include a space between .exe and -test.
The line should look like this: C:\Games\Gw2\Gw2.exe -testVerticalFov
Please note that your Target line may or may not have quotation marks. If it does have quotation marks, this tag should go outside of them. So it will look like this:
“C:\Games\Gw2\Gw2.exe” -testVerticalFov

6) Once the command line has been added, click Apply -> OK.

7) That’s it! Jump in and play with this new setting, and post your feedback in the following thread:

Comparison Screenshots:

Without FOV Fix


With FOV Fix


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  • asdf

    not much of a difference

    • Brian Jackson

      Strange I can see a big difference just from the pictures…