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Top Ten WordPress Plugins – September 2013

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There are literally a couple thousand WordPress plugins out there to choose from. These plugins make your dream website or blog come to life. There are plugins that help users gain subscribers, manage their social networks, and add some extra boost to their websites. The problem is that with

New Amazing Google Plus WordPress Widget

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Google Plus Widget We don’t normally go over new WordPress plugins, but this new one (released two days ago) was created by MyThemeShop, who also created our WordPress theme; and it is amazing! It is a Google Plus widget. After trying it out, we thought we would share our

WordPress and Disqus Comments Both Showing

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Disqus Comment Problem ** Update ** This has now been fixed by Disqus as of 06.18.13 6:50PM PST. Looks like there is a a bug with the current Disqus plugin. Right now on our WordPress blog both the default WordPress comments are showing, as well as the Disqus comments

Allow Contributors Role to Add Images in WordPress

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If you are dealing with guest writers, they are most likely set to the contributor role in WordPress. The one problem with the default contributor role is that this doesn’t allow contributors to add images to their posts. There are a lot of WordPress role editing plugins out there,

Add Featured Image to Top of WordPress Post

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A lot of theme developers don’t add in the ability to have your featured image automatically display at the top of your WordPress post. The last thing you want to do is to set your featured image and then have to link/insert it again at the top of each

Show Featured Images in Your WordPress RSS Feed

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This is a quick and easy solution to adding your large featured images from your posts into your WordPress RSS Feed. This also works for Feedburner. It’s a great way to add some color to your Feed and also if you are using an email subscription service such as

How to Blacklist or Block a Domain from Registering on WordPress

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A few days ago I started noticing a high volume of registrations from the same domain. For the first couple days I didn’t think much of it. But after 25 registrations from the same domain I knew this was either a bot registering, or a spammer; most likely trying

How to Set Featured Products in WooCommerce

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This is a short tutorial on how to set a featured product in WooCommerce and a shortcode you can use. Sometimes when it’s too easy it is hard to find. WooCommerce Step 1 In your WordPress dashboard browse to the products header and then to the products category. Step

Add Custom CSS to your WordPress Theme

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Need to add some custom CSS to your WordPress theme but the dashboard for your theme doesn’t have a section for that? Well, the easiest way to do it is to grab the Custom CSS Manager WordPress Plugin. We highly recommend it. While we don’t always recommend simply overwriting

Backslashes Aren’t Working in WordPress Posts

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Are backslashes not working in your WordPress posts? The most likely reason for this is due to a WordPress plugin. The best solution is to disable your plugins one by one and check to see if your backslashes come back. Backslashes – WordPress We are currently having issues with