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How to Update a Microsoft Windows Computer

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Over the years, Microsoft has gone to great lengths in order to improve user experience when updating their Windows 98 operating system. The following article outlines the steps you should take in order to perform that update and will hopefully serve as a useful guide through the process. Microsoft

How to Double Space in Word 2010

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Different tasks might require you to use different formatting styles, so it’s important to know how to change the spacing between the lines when creating and editing a document. One reason to do this might also be to make the document seem longer than it actually is (though the

NTLDR is Missing

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If you’ve encountered any of the following error messages while the computer is booting: NTLDR is Missing Press any key to restart Boot: Couldn’t find NTLDR Please insert another disk NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart This post will explain what happened and what to do

Fix Spotify Error 17 (Installer)

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A common error encountered by people trying to install Spotify, the popular music streaming service, on Windows (particularly on Windows 8), is the so-called Error 17. The underlying cause of this issue is still unknown, however there is a way to get around it, which is by installing Spotify

B-tree Structure is Invalid Solutions

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Why the “B-tree Structure is Invalid” error appears? Usually this happens because of the mail file replica you are working with. It could be corrupted. These are the solutions we found: Solution #1 If you would know that view index is the culprit, you could run updall from the

How to Fix Quicktime Error 2048

You might have encountered the following error: when trying to open a video file of .mov format, you get a message along the lines of “Error – 2048: Couldn’t open the fule because it is not a file that QuickTime understands”. So what’s with this error, and why doesn’t

Fix Slow Computer In 11 Easy Steps

A lot of the times, without doing anything out of the ordinary to your computer, you might just find it doesn’t run as fast as it should. Now, a PC is a very complex system made up of many hardware and software components, so the list of things which

Top 10 Windows 8 Problems And Solutions

Windows 8 is one of the biggest things to come out of Microsoft in years, and though it’s been generally well-received, the new operating system has also had its share of criticism, particularly the mobile device oriented user interface. The following is a list of some of the main

Best Linux Apps

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Whether it’s popular, cross-platform applications, or lesser-known apps and tools specially developed for Linux, users of the open-source operating system can have their pick of many pieces of software. Best thing of all, since we’re talking about Linux, almost all of them are free! Here’s a list of some

25 Best Windows 8 Apps

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While Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system is the most popular among PC users, its mobile device counterpart hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success so far compared to Android and iOS. Nevertheless, Windows 8 is important enough that many of the best, most popular apps have been optimized for