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Windows Administrator Account Guide

Ever since Windows Vista, the Windows Administrator account appears as disabled by default. It is different from user accounts that are administrator-level, however they are similar in that they offer the same privileges. So what should you do in this case? Will you ever have to use, or is

Tips to Make The Most Out of The New Gmail Features

Over the past year or so, Google has been gradually adding all sorts of features in order to make the experience of using Gmail as streamlined and pleasant as possible. Unlike third-party tools (there are quite a few of those as well!), these features are built into Gmail, so

Fastest Ways to Transfer Files Between PCs and Mobile Devices

Gone are the days when you had to go through the tedious job of splitting files and copying them onto physical discs in order to move them from one computer to another. Transferring files is as fast and easy today as it ever was, but even so there probably

Linkedin Career Opportunities

Social networking sites are a great place to raise your profile or, if you’ve already managed to make a name for yourself, boost it even further. At first glance, LinkedIn, with its focus on professional networking, seems to be different. But LinkedIn is much more than glorified résumé repository.

How to Clear Browser History

As you’re probably aware, your entire itinerary as you surf the web is recorded, i.e. saved to the cache on your computer. There are, however, a number of reasons you might want to clear that cache periodically. For one thing, all that data is saved on your hard drive,

How to Create a Boot Disk

A boot disk will allow you to boot off a diskette instead of your hard drive, as it normally happens. This can be used to solve various issues and errors, but can also be helpful if you want to load older MS-DOS games. Do not confuse this diskette with


Here is a guide explaining what you should do if you’ve encountered the Windows stop DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error. First of all, try booting Windows in Safe Mode and then restoring the operating system to an earlier copy. This might not fix the underlying problem, but it’s a relatively quick and

Internet Safety – Protecting Your Computer from Internet Threats

The Internet is teeming with a great amount of malicious software: viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, all capable of severely damaging your computer if left unchecked. To protect your system, you will have to choose the right antivirus program from a long list of available tools. This article describes your

How to Update a Microsoft Windows Computer

Over the years, Microsoft has gone to great lengths in order to improve user experience when updating their Windows 98 operating system. The following article outlines the steps you should take in order to perform that update and will hopefully serve as a useful guide through the process. Microsoft

How to Double Space in Word 2010

Different tasks might require you to use different formatting styles, so it’s important to know how to change the spacing between the lines when creating and editing a document. One reason to do this might also be to make the document seem longer than it actually is (though the