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Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs – Make Outsourcing Work

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As a start-up owner you have to keep your overheads competitively low to weather periods of slow growth and provide your client base with competitively priced products/services whilst enjoying a reasonable standard of living. To keep overheads low whilst accessing top talent, outsourcing is likely to be the best

How to Install Device Drivers During Windows 8 Install Unattended

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Windows 8 contains a set of generic drivers that will allow your hardware to work with basic functions, but the drivers from the specific hardware manufacturer are usually required to make those pieces of hardware work properly. Manually installing those drivers after a Windows 8 installation can be a

How to Organize All Your Windows 8 Content in a Protected Cloud

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Windows 8 is the latest operating system release to take the world by storm, and everyone from casual social networkers to journalists and computer techies are using Windows 8 devices for personal and business purposes. But with the amount of content most users store on their machines these days,

Burning a CD on a Mac Showing Little Arrow Icons

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Arrow Icons on a Mac Are you seeing little arrow icons showing up when trying to burn your CD instead of the actual files? See advice below on how to burn a CD. When you drag a file/folder to a Burn Folder, an alias is added to the Burn

Free Software Giveaway BlazeDVD Pro $49.95 Value

We have 5 free licensed copies of BlazeDVD Pro (valued @ $45.95!) to give away that we received from BlazeVideo. The first 5 people to comment on this post will get the licenses, one per person. First come first serve. BlazeDVD Pro Description BlazeDVD Pro. is a region free

View Mailbox Size in Outlook 2013

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Outlook Mailbox Size This is a short tutorial on how to view the mailbox size in Microsoft Outlook 2013. It breaks it down by folders. Step 1 In Microsoft Outlook 2013, click File. Step 2 Under Cleanup Tools click on Mailbox Cleanup… Step 3 Click on View Mailbox Size.

How Does Microsoft Outlook Convert Time Zones for Meetings?

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Outlook Time Zones A lot of people we have worked with get easily confused on this topic. If you are wondering how Microsoft Outlook will convert time zones when you setup a meeting request in your calendar, just follow the example below to understand how it works. Should apply

Free Software Giveaway – PDFZilla V3 $49.95 Value

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From now until July 7th, you can grab PDFZilla V3 for free! A $49.95 Value. See the giveaway: New PDFZilla V3 Time-limited Giveaway. This is a great little program. What is PDFZilla? PDFZilla is a desktop application that quickly and accurately convert PDF files into editable MS Word Documents,

PDF Error “The Document Could Not Be Saved…”

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PDF Error There is a common error that one might receive when using Adobe Acrobat Pro or PDF Converter Professional. When either saving or adding password protection onto a document. The document could not be saved. The file may be read-only or another user many have it open. Please

How to Reset and Clear Avaya 9608 IP Phone Settings

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Reset Avaya 9608 Follow the steps below to both clear and reset your Avaya 9608 IP Phone. Maybe you need to clear the IP address or change the extension of the phone. Applies to 9608, 9611. Step 1 Reboot the phone. Step 2 Press the * button to program