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16 Open Source Alternatives for Your Favorite Programs

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In this information age, the words “paid” and “proprietary” seem to be among the dirtiest words that you can possibly slap on a piece of software. But let’s face it- lots of people use commercially-made software on a daily basis whether they like it or not, often paying a

Linux Mint for Noobs – Getting Started

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Windows is easy and familiar. It has been the de facto operating system on most computers for the past twenty years or so- and for the majority of people who use PCs, it’s the only operating system that they know of. It’s easy to see why some people are

Awesome Websites to Get Your Kids Hooked on Programming

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The success stories of people who used MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to pick up new skills and even change careers aren’t exactly rare nowadays. You probably have heard of people learning how to code by signing up for classes on sites like Coursera, eDX, and Udacity, then leveraging

5 Ways To Make Your Computer Blazing Fast

No matter how powerful your computer may be, you should know that one day it is going to slow down and performance will be significantly lower compared to how it performed when you first got it. While this may make a lot of people worried that something is broken

How to Make Your PC Malware-Proof

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Every time you browse the internet, download content or use online programs, you are in danger of having malware infiltrate your computer. Malware is actually computer software, which was created with malicious intent of disrupting the smooth operation of your PC, or to gather information that the user would

Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs – Make Outsourcing Work

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As a start-up owner you have to keep your overheads competitively low to weather periods of slow growth and provide your client base with competitively priced products/services whilst enjoying a reasonable standard of living. To keep overheads low whilst accessing top talent, outsourcing is likely to be the best

How to Install Device Drivers During Windows 8 Install Unattended

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Windows 8 contains a set of generic drivers that will allow your hardware to work with basic functions, but the drivers from the specific hardware manufacturer are usually required to make those pieces of hardware work properly. Manually installing those drivers after a Windows 8 installation can be a

How to Organize All Your Windows 8 Content in a Protected Cloud

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Windows 8 is the latest operating system release to take the world by storm, and everyone from casual social networkers to journalists and computer techies are using Windows 8 devices for personal and business purposes. But with the amount of content most users store on their machines these days,

Burning a CD on a Mac Showing Little Arrow Icons

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Arrow Icons on a Mac Are you seeing little arrow icons showing up when trying to burn your CD instead of the actual files? See advice below on how to burn a CD. When you drag a file/folder to a Burn Folder, an alias is added to the Burn

Free Software Giveaway BlazeDVD Pro $49.95 Value

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