Can’t Access Website or Public Links Using IE11

Mega with IE11

Currently you cannot access the website using Internet Explorer 11. We have been using Mega as a nice additional mirror for some of our crucial downloads for people. This is now causing some issues as a lot of our crowd on this blog are running Windows 8.1 with IE11. We realize IE11 is still in Beta, but hopefully this gets fixed soon.

This is what you get when trying to access it via IE11.


It appears that AndrzejTBS_AC posted a bug on the IE connect forum “IE11 – not possible to connect to” However, the Internet Explorer team has closed it due to the issue being external as they claim. They also said “It had the same behavior in IE11, IE10, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.” That is not true. I have never had any issues with the other browsers not being able to access Mega. There is a bigger problem going on here.

For those of you who use our downloads for Sysprep, WinPE, etc.. we will be adding an additional mirror because of this.


For those of you who haven’t used Mega yet, they offer 50GB free of charge with no bandwidth limitations. As of a couple days ago, Mega launched a free Android App.