Best LED Screen Cleaner – TVs, Monitors

So the other day I noticed that my new Samsung 46″ LED TV had some smudges on it. Since the TV was so expensive I didn’t want to use just anything on it. So I spent the next hour or so browsing different stores, reading reviews and trying to decide upon a good screen cleaner. What I found was a screen cleaner made by Philips. It is made to clean LCD screens, LED screens, Plasma screens, and TV screens.

I got this in about 3 days from Amazon, gotta love their fast shipping. It comes with a small bottle and cloth. Tried it on my LED TV and it removed all the smudges and looks even better than when I bought it! This stuff is really amazing, especially since it is only $9.45.

Also works great on my Samsung LED monitors.

Update as of 04.30.13
I have now purchased this five times, and it always impresses me. I use it, my family uses it. I highly recommend it!

Philips Screen Cleaner

Here is a screenshot of actual purchase after receiving it again in the mail.


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  • Sask Dad.

    Doesn’t work on my 55″ Samsung Smart LED!

    • Why doesn’t it work? I just cleaned my 46″ Samsung LED TV with this last weekend. Looks brand new again.