Belkin Bug with a Blank Password saying “Current Password is Invalid”

There seems to be a bug with some of Belkin’s Routers where you have a default blank password, you go to try and change it, and it says “Current Password is Invalid.” Follow the steps below on one way we fixed this.


In our example we are on a Belkin Model F5D8235-4 V2. However, we have read and heard of the same bug happening on different Belkin models.

Fix Belkin Bug

Step 1

The first thing to try is upgrading the firmware. If you have done this already, proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Login to the management page. On the left hand side instead of clicking into “System Settings” like you would normally, click into the “Utilities” section (header).


Step 3

Now click on “System Settings.”


Step 4

Accessing the “System Settings” this way (through the Utility page) actually brings up more options and details than accessing it directly from the “System Settings” link on the sidebar. Don’t ask us why.


Step 5

Go ahead and try changing the password now at the top, leaving the current password as blank. Then at the bottom hit “Apply Changes.”


This worked for us! We were able to change the password from blank to something else. Obviously this is a programming issue with their page.

  • Norman MacLeod

    Thank you! Works with PM00732uk N+ router.