Microsoft Office 2010

Backup Microsoft OneNote 2010

This is a short guide on how to perform a backup of your Microsoft OneNote 2010 Notebooks to two different locations. I would recommend saving it locally and also to a network drive. Or if you are not located on a network, then save the 2nd copy to a thumb drive or 2nd hard drive.

How backup MS OneNote 2010 Notebooks to 2 different locations

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Icon

Step 1

Launch Microsoft OneNote 2010. If you have not yet created a notebook, on the left hand side right click and select “create new notebook.”

Step 2

Once you have a notebook created you will need to go up to the File Menu, which is the big circle in the top left hand side, and then “Options”.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 - Options

Step 3

Then go down to the save and backup option in the list. You can change the Backup Folder and the Default Notebook Location. Make sure they are going to two different physical places; not just different folders on the same hard drive. This way if your hard drive dies, you will still have a copy of your OneNote Notebooks.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 - Save & Backup Location

Step 4

Now, slightly below that option select “Back Up All Notebooks Now” to test and verify they are being saved to the two different locations.

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