Backslashes Aren’t Working in WordPress Posts

Are backslashes not working in your WordPress posts? The most likely reason for this is due to a WordPress plugin. The best solution is to disable your plugins one by one and check to see if your backslashes come back.

We are currently having issues with the SEO Smart Links plugin and currently have it disabled, as this was removing our backslashes from all of our posts.

We have opened a post on their forums here: http://www.prelovac.com/vladimir/forum/plugins/seo-smart-links-plugin-removing-backslashes#p3284

  • Sebastian C.

    Thanks for tip on the issue with SEO Smart Links, as I was considering usage of this plugin sometime soon.

  • Allen White

    I dont think this is a smart links issue as I run it also, the “” is a “stop character”, if you enter in ASCI it is ok….


    • I agree with you that if you enter it in ASCII mode it will always work. But I copy and paste a lot of paths into my tutorials so converting it to ASCII would be very annoying. I can reproduce the problem by enabling smart links plugin. That is why I currently have it disabled. However, this could be a conflict with our WordPress theme and Smart Links plugin… so might not be entirely smart links fault.

  • gbmhunter

    I can confirm that enabling the SEO Smart Links plugin removes backslashes on my WordPress blog also. I am using a customised version of the Motion theme.

    • gbmhunter

      Also note that a double backslash will give you a single backslash when you view the page, so it is acting like an escape character.