iMac 4k Retina 21.5

Apple unveils 21.5 inch iMac in 4k

Although Apple launched without fanfare a new product, users welcome its recent 21.5-inch iMac with display of 4K Retina that they found to be more formidable than the 27 iMacs.

For the first time, Apple improved a complete lineup of iMacs by upgrading the smaller model’s Retina screen and updating the larger models that gave them the new Skylake chips. The last time Apple made an update was two years ago when it upgraded four versions of non-Retina originals introduced by iMac last June of 2014.

Product launching

Launching of the product was scheduled last June but instead they moved the date to October 13 as its launching minus the fanfare.

In a recent press release, SVP Philip Schiller of Apple Worldwide Marketing stated that from the beginning until the present, the concept of iMac has not falter. Its mission was to create the best desktop experience using the highest technologies, stunning displays and avant-garde designs and he added that the present-released iMac is the most phenomenal for its awesome current displays, more dynamic processors & clearer images and state-of-the art Magic accessories.

Apple iMac 4k 21.5

Updating Apple 21.5 iMacs

The 21.5-inch iMacs has been updated from being a Haswell processor of the 4th generation to Broadwell of the 5th generation and did not use the 6th generation Skylake. Apple explained that Skylake has not yet made available its integrated graphic processor. The Iris Intel Pro Graphics of 21.5 iMac are enhanced by Broadwell processors.

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These are all contained in a slim enclosure of around 5mm at the edge. Every iMac includes an Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2. Finally, the updated 21.5 iMacs is no longer using Thunderbolt 1 ports but Thunderbolt 2.

Product description

The extremely impressive iMac displays a lovely 21.5-widescreen. So far, it is the most powerful among the iMacs being a fourth-generation of the Intel Core quad-core processors with the high-speed graphics of NVIDIA. It has superb properties: (1) 8 gigabytes memory; (2) 1 terabyte hard drive; (3) 1/0 advanced high speed; (4) 2 Thunderbolt ports; and (5) 4 USB 3 ports.

iMac 21.5 Retina monitor

iMac 4k Retina turn off

The 21.5-inch iMac is similar in appearance to the past generation in design. This laminated display gadget has this dimension: length -17.7 inches; width – 20.8 inches; thickness – 5 millimeter and weight – 12.5 pounds.
The base and back panel of iMac is spanned by a matte aluminum finish that is 5 millimeters slim or 0.2 inches on its right and left edges. With a webcam for Face Time at the top, the lovely display has a black bezel coat and an Apple Logo below the screen.

For better viewing, the screen can be tilted to about 45 degrees up or down from the upper part of the stand.

This new iMac is accompanied by a Wireless Keyboard and a Magic Mouse that is linked via Bluetooth. To match the slim line of the desktop, the keyboard is also thin and ultra-like with two AA batteries.

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iMac 21.5 keyboard

iMac 4k 21.5 mouseboard

Why buy this product?

  1. Its gorgeous design is supplemented by top performing processors, extremely clear design and wide storage.
  2. It is accurate, bright and clear due to a high-density pixel that results to sharp text and images.
  3. Its innovative design is incredible with an edge of only 5mm but delivers beautiful and seamless content.
  4. Fusion Drive offers a double win of speed and performance, as well as being able to configure up to 3TB of storage.
  5. It is faster and more powerful as 21.5 iMac still bears the Intel Core Processor the 5th generation and intensified by the Iris Pro Graphics.
  6. It is loaded with high technology that results to faster connection with 2 Thunderbolts for external drive & camera and 3 USB ports for printer, video devices and more connections.

Where is 21.5 iMac available and how much?

For small home theater owners and gaming enthusiasts who are excited to undergo the ultimate desktop experience, you can now order the 21.5-inch iMac through any of the Apple stores or through Although the iMac was displayed in stores last October 13 but larger supplies will be in the stores by November.

The retail price of the desktop will be $1,299.00 for 2.7GHz and $1,499.00 for 2.9 GHz.

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This is the total cost you will pay for the new upgraded 21.5-inch iMac that is worth the amount for its processor and RAM run faster with top quality graphics. Although the 1080p display is less costly but it is a poor comparison to the entire screen of iMac 21.5 that looks sharper and brighter.

Good news for those who purchased 21.5 iMac

Those buying the desktop can purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan. This includes 90 days a free telephone technical support plus one-year limited warranty. You have the option to extend the coverage up to 3 years from the date you bought your Mac.

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