Amazon launches the new Kindle Touch!

Finally Amazon came out and announced the new Kindle Touch. And after being the first to come out with a great eBook reader Amazon somewhat seemed to just lay low and bask in the glory to the point where a lot of other companies were gaining up on them and there was talk of them being over taken. But with Jeff Bezos’s announcement today of the new Kindle Touch hitting the selves on November 21st it truly seems that Amazon will get back on top and looking at the competition in the rearview mirror.

Kindle Touch

Now, the fact is that no one outside the Amazon labs has had the chance to touch the new Kindle Touch so I can’t really take pride in having played around with it but just on its face value I think it is great and I have already reserved mine online and I’ve included a link for you too, but first let’s take a close look at the Kindle Touch.

Quality 8/10

Now I believe in paying credit where credit is due and as soon as Amazon will ship my Kindle Touch to me I will certainly come back and edit that grade. But until then I can only go by the way the Kindle looks in pictures and it looks like a serious 10. However I can’t really give a 10 to something I haven’t held in my hand so I think 8 is the best grade you can give from just seeing a few pictures and a video. However there are a few things you can tell right away about the quality of the new Kindle Touch.

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First thing is that it is 8% lighter and 11% smaller than the previous versions but the screen is so much bigger and easier to read. They are still using the e-ink display but now it has a multi-touch technology feature. So finally you can flip the pages in your Kindle just like you would do on any book. And if my current Kindle is any proof, which I think it is, you can rest assured that the new display will work just as great in direct sunlight. With this version of the kindle you will need to be in close proximity to a Hot-Spot in order to download books because it only has Wi-Fi but I don’t really care about that because I rarely travel to somewhere I don’t have access to internet anyway, but you can check out more about the Kindle Touch 3G here.

Performance 9/10

I know I am apparently contradicting what I have said before about not giving more than an 8 to a device I haven’t tested but I have been reading a lot of books on my Kindle 3 and I know that it works great in direct sunlight and I have absolutely no problem reading from it that way. So now if you add to that the fact that the new Kindle Touch will be lighter and will have the touchscreen feature, than you have your self the promise of a very, very sweet gadget. And the best thing about it, I think, is that the development from Amazon did their homework, did some market research and found out that most people hold the Kindle in one hand and read from it like that, and that translated into a very nice positioning of the screen so that you can flip pages with just one touch of your thumb. Now, since I am one of those people I know they have come up with an upgrade I am all too happy to use with the Kindle Touch

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Value 10/10

Now this is the one category where I am happy to be already able to say that I can already give the Kindle Touch its full grade because with the $99 price tag it is the cheapest eBook reader on the market today. How can they afford to come in with such a great, cutting edge product at such a low price is something that I can honestly say astounds me and I am more than happy to see the directions they are taking.


With an under $100 price tag, E Ink display with multi-touch is there really anything else I need to say? It is the long awaited answer Amazon should have given to all its competitors, it works just as good as all Kindle that first came to market all those years ago and it has the advantages of the touch screen technology. Now you are finally in a position where you are holding your hand something that is the true equivalent of electronic paper. No buttons, no other apps, just you and your book in Queen’s Lazy Afternoon

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  • Jasmine

    The new Kindle touch looks great. I love the under $100 price tag! 🙂