Add a line break into WordPress Post or Page

I don’t know why WordPress can’t seem to get line breaks to work correctly. Anyways, if you are searching for this you have probably tried adding a break and it doesn’t work.

What you have to do is add the line break plus a space for WordPress to add the line break. Example, use this:

[vb]<br /> [/vb]

Hope that helps!

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  • if you install the tiny mce advanced plugin, in the options check off the “stop WP from removing page breaks” a better option if you are handing the site off to a customer!

    • Oh that is great, I will have to implement that for a few clients. Sometimes you get so involved you forget to check for a simple plugin. I’m wondering how it works with pages/posts that already have the manual line break fix added? I will have to test that. Thanks for your comment!

    • Harry Vanaffer

      Just what i was looking for! Thanks a lot, you saved me a couple of hours.

  • Vivian

    I could kiss you.