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Windows 8 to sort out download and file name change situation

This is more of a news story, than a ‘how to’, but should provide welcome relief for some users of IE. The new Windows 8 will make it easier to download and then change the file names, Microsoft has announced. File downloads dialog will be combined into a single

Digital Technograph: A shift in technography

Digital Technograph With technologies getting smarter and redefining our lives, the digital tachograph has successfully replaced the analogue tachograph, and it has become mandatory by the European Union regulation. So get equipped with latest technologies in tachograph from assistance from one of the renowned companies, OPTAC to get the

Wise Business Moves: Technology Cuts Down Operational Cost

If there’s one thing that business puts top notch consideration on, its profit and more profit! Ranking in profit means more money coming in and less money going out. The favorite aspect which businesses want to focus on to cut down cost is its administrative processes. When we say

PS – Move/Copy a Query to a new Database

Here are instructions for moving/copying queries back and forth between different PeopleSoft databases. PeopleSoft Database Queries This includes moving between different versions of PeopleTools. Step 1 Launch App Designer on the server you are wanting to move/copy your queries from. Step 2 Go to “File > New > Project”

Wc3 Bots – Host your own games…

Whether you can’t host because of your current network configuration, or you would like a bot running 24/7 then renting a Wc3 bot is something to look at. They are cheap and very reliable. I thought I would list a couple of places that have Wc3 bots. In my

PS PIA Change Default Content and Layout

For end users, I prefer having the 2nd menu (main menu) enabled by default. This is the one with the icons. It makes it a lot easier for people to learn their way around PIA and still have the left menu for quick navigation. How to change PeopleSoft PIA

PeopleSoft Fix IE9 Spacing Issue

As most of you probably noticed with the upgrade to PeopleTools 8.51 there is a spacing issue (white space between header and top of page) with IE9. To resolve this you need to tweak your PT_HNAV_TEMPLATE html file. IE9 Spacing Issue Follow the instructions below to fix. Step 1

Guide to PAT testing

Portable Appliance Testing is an imperative part of electrical health and safety policy, ensuring that hand-held appliances are safe to use. Although PAT testing is not specifically required by law in itself, the Electricity at Work Regulations place responsibility on employees and employers to maintain and check their equipment