Monthly Archive:: May 2011

Setting up KMPlayer with CoreAVC Codec

KMPlayer with CoreAVC This will show you how to setup KMPlayer with the CoreAVC codec pack for amazing high quality H.264 video playback. Step 1 Download/Purchase and install the CoreAVC codec pack. It only costs $12.95 and is worth every penny if you watch a lot of movies on

ATI Drivers 11.5 Mouse Lag

Well, if you are like me, you updated to the ATI drivers 11.5 Catalyst and are now experiencing weird mouse lag at the corners of your screen. Here is what I did to fix the problem. I simply turned off the mouse shadow. Fix ATI Drivers 11.5 Mouse Lag

Using PerkStreet with Orders

When you are purchasing an item from and using your PerkStreet debit card, it will by default run your card as a debit transaction and not a credit, meaning you won’t get any perks. Using PerkStreet To make sure your card is run as credit (and that you

OneNote 2010 – Hotkey to Delete a Note

I pretty much live in Microsoft OneNote 2010 at work. I am in the midst of a big project and it requires that I take lots and lots of notes. I snap pictures with OneNote’s screen clipper all the time (Windows Key + S), to compare them against another

Outlook 2010 Delete Meeting – No Email

Delete Meeting in Outlook If you create/setup a meeting in Outlook and invite attendees, there doesn’t appear to be a way to delete the meeting from your calendar without sending a cancellation email. My coworker and I were trying to figure out how to do this. What if I

Hotkey to Switch Audio Devices

I switch back and forth between my headphones and computer speakers at work a lot. So I decided it was time to figure out a hotkey to do this. My coworker told me about a program called AutoHotkey, and combined with a small file it does everything I want

Aggregate & Allocate Virtual Server Resources for Optimum Efficiency

As the rapid advancement of technology changes the dynamism of business in so many ways, visionary leaders are embracing IT through hosted servers and end-user virtualisation. By doing so they are improving the speed and agility of their decision-making whilst streamlining the efficiency and availability of their IT infrastructure.

KMPlayer – Remove All Borders

I have been using KMPlayer for a long time, along with CoreAVC codec pack for amazing H.264 playback. I just recently decided that I was getting tired of the borders on my player, so I figured out how to remove them. Here are the steps. Tired of the borders

Relationship CI not found (14000,317)

Ran across this error today under Campus Community > Personal Information > Biographical > Relationships > Relationships. It said, “Relationship component interface not found (14000,317)”. Below are instructions on how to fix this. Relationship component interface not found Step 1 Browse to the default permission list of your user’s

Disable TypeAhead Feature for Everyone

In certain PeopleSoft versions of PeopleTools, the TypeAhead feature simply doesn’t work very well. It causes weird behavior, such as the mouse cursor disappearing and refresh problems. Disable TypeAhead Feature Below are instructions on disabling the TypeAhead feature for everyone. Step 1 Login to PIA and browse to Main