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Adobe Illustrator CS5 Round One Corner

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 ** UPDATE ** This does work with CS6. See our post here: So there have been times when I need to round only one or two corners of a rectangle in Adobe Illustrator CS5. There is a little script that Hiroyuki Sato wrote that works

Deleting an old Permalink in WordPress

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Ever had a page or post in WordPress that you wanted to name a certain name and whenever it saved, it appended it with “-2″ or “-3″? Example, I was trying to create a forum page with Mingle in WordPress and so I was naming my page, However,

Favicons missing in Opera 11

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I have started to use Opera 11 and noticed that in my bookmarks bar that no favicons were showing up. After a little digging I discovered what the problem was. Follow the instructions below to fix it. Step 1 (Assuming you are running Windows 7) Browse to your local

Exporting and Importing PS Security

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It is actually pretty easy to export and import the security from PeopleSoft. There are datamover scripts that are given to. They are located in the PS_HOME PeopleSoft installation directory. You do have to realize that this export script simply exports all of the security. You can’t really pick

Error opening… Access Denied.

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Kept getting this error with Adobe Reader X. I would launch a PDF and it says “There was an error opening this document. Access denied.” Follow the steps below to fix this. Step 1 Launch Adobe Reader X, go to Edit and then to Preferences. Step 2 Click on

Masking SSN in PeopleSoft

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Masking SSN I was looking for this in the PeopleBooks and could not find it. Also after searching Google for a bit, I also came up empty. So I thought I would share this with you to save you some time. PeopleSoft does have a Social Security Number (or