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Adobe Illustrator CS5 Round One Corner

Round only one or two corners of a rectangle in Adobe Illustrator CS5 ** UPDATE ** This does work with CS6. See our post here: So there have been times when I need to round only one or two corners of a rectangle in Adobe Illustrator CS5. There

Deleting an old Permalink in WordPress

Ever had a page or post in WordPress that you wanted to name a certain name and whenever it saved, it appended it with “-2” or “-3”? Example, I was trying to create a forum page with Mingle in WordPress and so I was naming my page, However,

Favicons missing in Opera 11

I have started to use Opera 11 and noticed that in my bookmarks bar that no favicons were showing up. After a little digging I discovered what the problem was. Missing favicons (Opera 11) Follow the instructions below to fix it. Step 1 (Assuming you are running Windows 7)

Exporting and Importing PS Security

It is actually pretty easy to export and import PeopleSoft security. There are datamover scripts that are given to. They are located in the PS_HOME PeopleSoft installation directory. Export and import PeopleSoft security You do have to realize that this export script simply exports all of the security. You

Error opening… Access Denied.

Kept getting this error with Adobe Reader X. I would launch a PDF and it says “There was an error opening this document. Access denied.” There was an error opening this document Follow the steps below to fix this. Step 1 Launch Adobe Reader X, go to Edit and

Masking SSN in PeopleSoft

I was looking for this in the PeopleBooks and could not find it. Also after searching Google for a bit, I also came up empty. So I thought I would share this with you to save you some time. Masking SSN PeopleSoft does have a Social Security Number (or