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5 Tips To Speed Up Your Android Phone

The Android mobile platform is becoming more and more popular in today’s smartphone game, and I don’t even want to begin to try and guess how many different devices there are on the market right now. And while new applications and software updates become more advanced, they also become

WinPE 3.1 Scripts

WinPE 3.1 Scripts This latest version was compiled on September 27th, 2012. This is the third update to our WinPE scripts. Please read our tutorial on DISM for using the files below to compile a functioning WinPE 3.1 environment. And also I would recommend reading our tutorial on Making

Formatting WinPE 3.1 Flash Drive – (DISM)

In my previous article I wrote about how to create the WinPE 3.1 environment, add drivers, mount the .WIM file, add batch scripts, etc. Here are the steps for creating the bootable flash drive. Step 1 Open up Command Prompt. You can do the first step within a normal

DISM Tool – WinPE 3.1 Boot Environment

This is the new tutorial for the recent release of WinPE 3.1. You can still read the old tutorial here. DISM Tool You will need the following to proceed: WAIK RTM : KB3AIK_EN.iso Version 3.0 (Read our Tutorial) Supplement for WAIK SP1 : waik_supplement_en-us.iso (Read our Tutorial) Bootable Flash

Install WAIK RTM for Windows 7

These are basic instructions for installing the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7. Installing the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) (Windows 7) Step 1 Download the WAIK RTM client (KB3AIK_EN.iso) for Windows 7. Step 2 Either mount the ISO with Pismo Mount or extract it with 7-zip.

11 Must Have WordPress Plugins

This is a collection of 11 great WordPress plugins, all of which are used frequently on this blog. All of these plugins work on WordPress version 3.1 and higher. List of 11 great WordPress plugins Akismet Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the

Upgrade firmware on Cisco-Linksys Router

This is a short tutorial on upgrading the firmware on your Cisco-Linksys router. Instructions will work for the following models: – E4200 – E3000 – E2000 – E2100L – E1000 – AE1000 Upgrading the firmware on your Cisco-Linksys router Step 1 Download the drivers for your router. Step 2

PS Shortcut Key – See Menu + Component

FireFox and IE [vb]SHIFT + CTRL + J[/vb] When you are on a page in PIA, you can use SHIFT + CTRL + J to bring up the page which shows the component name, page name, and menu name. This is very useful for when you are trying to

ROM – Project Elite v5 Gingerbread!

There was some good news today for any of you out there that love custom Android ROMS, and that news is Project Elite v5 Gingerbread! I switch ROMs quite often myself and always try the latest builds that I find exciting or interesting, but Project Elite has always been

PS – “has been updated by another user.”

Was getting a strange error today when using Application Designer. I was editing some of the stylesheets, the PSHDR2_SWAN, a sub style sheet under PSSTYLEDEF_SWAN; went to try and save it and got this error: “PSHDR2_SWAN has been updated by another user. (3,1)” PSHDR2_SWAN has been updated by another