The 12-inch MacBook Review

As is the case with most Apple releases, the 12-inch MacBook has stirred quite a controversy immediately after its release. Some like it a lot, others not so much, but one’s thing for sure – the Apple device has certainly made an impact on the scene. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the MacBook and see which side, if any, has got it right on this one.

The latest Apple notebook is ridiculously thin and light, which is of course one of its main drawing points. However there have been concerns that you can’t really make a device so small without sacrificing performance and battery life in the process. Unfortunately, these concerns have proven to be largely correct.

The 12-inch MacBook is not an upgrade in terms of performance – on the contrary, it feels more like a move towards tablet-level capabilities. And battery life isn’t that impressive either.


On the other hand, this is an Apple product we’re talking about, so it is expected to be much more than “just” a computing machine. In fact, it seems that once again the designers over at Cupertino have created wonderfully elegant device first, and the latest in notebook technology second.

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The 12-inch MacBook seems to have on a diet and has returned thinner and lighter (it almost feels like a tablet now!), not to mention more eye-catching.

And it’s not just the weight and the size that make this device so great. The keyboard layout is about as good as it gets, with the keys showing a strike bounce that is unlike anything you’ve felt before on something of this kind.

You’d almost think the latest MacBook has been designed with the more delicate hands of female customers in mind, especially given the downsizing the device has also went through.

The trackpad is also equal to none. The addition of Force Touch is potentially an iffy decision (since the feature hasn’t exactly worked perfectly every time when tested), however it’s not something you will actually be using unless tap really hard on the trackpad.

Apart from all of this, the 12-inch MacBook offers everything else you’d expect from a top tier notebook. This makes it great for casual users, or for people who expect to spend most of their productive time on the device browsing the web.

Due to its relatively modest technical capabilities, it’s not something you’d recommend to graphic artists or video editors – which is a shame, since the high-quality Retina display would benefit these categories of users the most.

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Another drawback is the price, which is a hefty $1,200. But it’s not like anybody was expecting an Apple product to be cheap! Still, if you have funds to burn and you want a beautifully designed notebook with reasonable specs, you might want to consider buying the new 12-inch MacBook. If not, perhaps wait a little while longer for a more well-rounded release from Apple.

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