10 android games 2016

10 New Android Games You Must Play in 2016

Hello guys! In this article we are going to talk about new games on Android that you should try. Here is a list of them:

1. Dream Machine

In this one you will play as a little robot who wants to break free. Doing so sends him on an epic journey, where you’ll encounter unusual contraptions and even some bosses.

dream machine

Dream Machine is visually stunning and pleasant to play, it contains 3D puzzles, impossible geometry and optical illusions.

The main idea is to get your robot from point A to point B. The robot moves continually once started, and if it gets to the point where it can’t go forward, it reverses its course. The robot is manually controlled by the player.

dream machine game

dream machine gameplay

If you enjoy puzzle games, you should definitely give Dream Machine a try.

It will only cost you about 1 dollar on the Play Store:

2. GTA Liberty City

Second on the list we have Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories. The gameplay is exactly as you expect.

gta liberty city stories

You just need to accept and complete missions. Eventually coming across other characters will give you their own missions and through doing all of these you will reveal a lot of new things.

gta stories game

gta stories gameplay

gta stories liberty cities

GTA Liberty City features new character art, high-resolution textures, real time lighting and shadows, rebalanced controls and enhance draw distance. You can also save the game in a cross-platform cloud, so you will be able to play on other devices from the place where you have left off any time.

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This game will cost you $7 on the Play Store:

3. Barrier X

Barrier X is a type of game that you can play for fun anytime. The graphics are very colorful and with techno music it fits very well.

barrier x

It’s a super-fast arcade game, where you have to dodge the barriers. The gameplay is simple, you just should tap left or right.

barrier x game

barrier x gameplay

barrier x howtoplay

Overall it’s a very hard game to play, but it is very well designed and easy to understand. And of course, it’s very addicting.

You can get this game on the Play Store for free:

4. Lost Journey

The Lost Journey game’s protagonist is a small girl wearing a hooded red coat. The gameplay is anchored around the ability to turn the world upside down. You can change the property of the world around you. It will help you to pass game stages.

lost treasure game

lost treasure gameplay

lost treasure screenshot

Overall the game is really fun to play and is a must try as a free version is available on the Play Store. Also you can buy a full version with more levels.


5. Sine Line

Sine Line is a very fast pace and simple game. What you basically should do in this game is just tap the screen to accelerate the oscillating particle and avoid obstacles. As long you survive, the more score you’ll get. You also can do different streaks and combos.

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sine line game

sine line android

sine line gameplay

Overall this game is really addicting. You can grab this game for free on the Play Store:

6. Extreme Car Driving simulator

The next one in the list we have Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Thanks to its advanced real physics it’s one of the best car simulators out there.

extreme car driving simulator gameplay

extreme car driving simulator game

extreme car driving simulator

The car details are good and so are the controls. You can switch between three types of controls: analog, white left button or tilting your phone. You also have the option to toggle the ABS and traction control.

All in all it’s an amazing car simulator and it’s also free on the Play Store:

7. EvilBane: Rise of Ravens

EvilBane: Rise of Ravens is a role playing action game where you should save the world. The story starts off with a country Ceroth which was living in peace for nearly 20 years. After the war a dark and powerful shadow has returned to the kingdom and challenges the mighty power of the Heavenstone. As a chosen one, it’s your job to save the world before the shadow demolishes all hope.

evilbane gameplay

evilbane game

evilbane android


The control is very simple. There are a lot of nice features. You can go in raid, dungeon or even arena.

Overall this game is looking amazing and currently this game is free on the Play Store:

8. Princess Curse

Princess Curse is a classic adventure game which is very hard to play without hints. The game requires you to solve various puzzles. It also has a story to it which makes the game more interesting.

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princess curse grimma android

princess curse grimma game

princess curse grimma gameplay

The controls are pretty easy to understand. It’s an amazing game and definitely worth to try.

This game goes for $2 on the Play Store:

9. Tap Tap Dash

In terms of gameplay, Tap Tap Dash has just one button that covers your entire screen. Just tap on your screen and you will be able to jump or change the direction. You might think that the gameplay is easy, because all you need is tap, but in fact you need to be so precise.

tap tap dash game

tap tap dash gameplay

As the game progresses, the difficulty level will also increase. You will see that your character becomes too fast and it’s a lot harder to play with.

Overall this is a great time passer game. Tap Tap Dash is free on the Play Store:

10. Rise of Darkness

Last on the list we have Rise of Darkness. It’s a classic MMORPG powered by Unity 3D engine. Your character has some satanic beast inside, so you can use different transformation. You can play this game with your friends. Just go to the multiplayer dungeons and share the luxurious rewards with your mates.

rise of darkness android

rise of darkness android gameplay

rise of darkness android game

Overall this game is really fun to play. Also, you can grab this game for free on the Play Store:

That’s our Top 10 Android games list. Good luck and have fun!

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