Become an IT Professional Without Ever Leaving Your Couch – Here’s How

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In these days of sky-high tuition fees and crippling student debt, the thought of going (or returning) to school to get a degree is almost tear-inducing. But fret not. While getting a degree is alarmingly expensive, gaining knowledge isn’t. In the movie “Good Will Hunting,” the genius protagonist Will

What is the Best Web Hosting Service for a Small Business?

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Recent research has shown that online sales and marketing are at an all time high. A rising number of customers prefer to get information on their desired products before purchase and the easiest source are mobile devices. Businesses that don’t move at least part of their marketing efforts online

Easy Way to Reduce Eye Strain While Using Your Computer

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If you’re like me you probably stay up late at night working (or playing) away on the computer. The later and darker it gets the brighter your monitor can seem and this can put a strain on your eyes. Not to mention that it keeps you awake longer when

Outsourcing Your Software Development Needs – Make Outsourcing Work

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As a start-up owner you have to keep your overheads competitively low to weather periods of slow growth and provide your client base with competitively priced products/services whilst enjoying a reasonable standard of living. To keep overheads low whilst accessing top talent, outsourcing is likely to be the best

The Cheapest Stock Photo Site (My DepositPhotos Review)

I run various websites and online businesses and am constantly in need of stock photos. I’ve looked around everywhere for the cheapest stock photo site and now I get the majority of my stock photos from The images start at $1 for the smallest ones (usually sufficient for my needs) and

Remove U2 “Songs of Innocence” Album From iPhone

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Follow these instructions to remove the free U2 album from the iPhone 6.

Windows 9 Release Date

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There is no official release date from Microsoft for Windows 9 just yet but a leaked document from May 22 obtained by Myce shows the preview release date being in Q2 – Q3 2015. According to ZDNet Microsoft will deliver a Windows 9 preview by late September or early October. Stay

10 Annoying Online Gamer Personalities

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Playing a video game with other people brings a whole new dimension to it, allowing for great team play, coordination and succeeding in tasks that would be impossible to be done by a single player alone. When the group of people you play with are great friends (or good

20 Best Laptops for Students (2014)

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With school season just around the corner, we decided to do a post on a good set of laptops for students. We’ve broken them down into various needs. Below you’ll find a solid list of current laptops with some brief information to make your decision easier. This list is

How to Turn Off Candy Crush Notifications

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Here are two ways you can turn off candy crush notifications. The first way will block notifications but still allow you to play Candy Crush. The second will completely block notifications and prevent the app from being able to access your information in which case you will no longer